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From a Phone

Hi there! Again, it has been a long time since I have visited my own blog. No reason in particular, but maybe lots of little reasons. Time, or lack of it, being the biggest.

Only now I have a new cell phone, and an app (fancy phone speak) that lets me log onto my blog and blog! So I guess this is a test. Maybe with this I will blog more often. But in shorter words. Or maybe I mean fewer words? It’s a small keypad, typing could get tiring, hunt and peck method a must on this device. And also, this phone likes to self correct words I type, only it is rarely right. So if anything here is gobbledygook that would be why. But I will say this much, it found the right spelling for gobbledygook and for that, I am thankful.

Snags starts 3rd grade in a couple of weeks. I don’t write about him as much anymore out of respect for his privacy, but I gotta tell you, 8 going on 9 is an age of new awareness. He comes home from summer camp every day having learned a new bad word, and how to spell it. Some words he hears from his camp mates, some he reads on walls in the city as they go on field trips to study graffiti.


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