Highway Signs

Not too far away from where I live there's a highway sign that says something like “Stay Alert, Watch for D.U.I. Drivers”.

And then, another mile or two down the road, is another, that says “D.U.I. Enforcement Area”

And every time I see them it drives me crazy.

What do they mean?! Are they seriously warning those of us who are sober that there are a bunch of driver’s under the influence out there and WE have to be on the lookout for them? I thought that was a job for highway patrol!

And why the enforcement area? Is that a warning sign and to whom? To Me? I’ve just been warned to say alert and be on the lookout. Should I now patrol that stretch of road as the enforcer? Am I to pay particular attention right there only, in the enforcement zone? And where, exactly, does that zone end? There’s no sign about that. So when can I relax and go back to my normal driving where I crank the radio and don’t assume every other car out there is full of drunken party goers?

Is the “Enforcement Zone” sign a WARNING for the DUI drivers? Maybe they are supposed to contain themselves to that stretch of road now that they’ve imbibed a bit too much? Or perhaps they should step on the gas and get out of there quickly, before I spot them?

Maybe the signs are a notice to the police that THAT’S the area they should concentrate on? Perhaps they’ve been getting it wrong in the past and the signs are the only way to indicate where the problem drivers congregate.

Really, somebody, tell me.  What DO these signs mean?



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2 responses to “Highway Signs

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  2. Hee hee, first posts are funny. Mine was so cheesy but yours is cool.

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