“Good Morning… No!”

I spent the morning telling Snags “No!”

No, you can’t wear your red Spiderman robe to school over your clothes so you can “look like Santa Claus”.  No, because a robe goes with pajamas so it’s considered pajamas and you can only wear pajamas to school on approved pajama days.  That’s in the school rules – it’s part of the dress code.  And today is not a pajama day.

 No, you can’t take the red pillow case to school with you even though you think it looks like Santa’s bag of toys.  Because…  It’s uh,… considered bedding!  Like pajamas. You wear them to bed. And the pillowcase belongs on your pillow which belongs ON YOUR BED. See? Sorry.

No, you can’t wear your new snow boots to school today.  It’s part of the school rules, too.  You can’t wear snow boots if it isn’t snowing out. Sorry.  I know you think they look like Santa’s boots. You still can’t wear them. Put your tennis shoes on.

In the end, he settled on wearing a red short sleeve polo shirt.  On top of that he wore an “orange red” fleece sweatshirt.  He had on brown cords but changed into gray sweatpants because they “looked more like Santa.”  He took a Santa Hat with him. You know the kind. Red, kind of fuzzy material, has white trim.

He thought he was going to fool his kindergarten teacher with this outfit.  Fool her into what, I don’t know.  Into thinking HE was Santa Claus?  Because if he walks into class saying “Yo, ho, ho!” like he’s been doing around the house for the past 48 hours… saying “Yo, ho, ho!” instead of “Ho, Ho, Ho!” Then instead of “Santa Claus?!” his teacher will probably be thinking “Christmas Pirate?”



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5 responses to ““Good Morning… No!”

  1. yo ho ho me matey, have yerself a candy cane!

  2. it sure sounds like Snags is getting into the holiday spirit. Gotta love a pirate santa. 🙂

  3. Mrs. Weasley

    How cute! When my son was four Mrs. Santa Claus made a Santa Claus costume for him that was all wrapped up under the tree. He wore it constantly, but not to school of course, because it is against the rules and all, but he even wore it for Halloween the next year, too. At the time what he wanted to be when he grew up was the big SC himself. He once asked me to take him to the library so we could check out a book on how to make reindeer so he’d be all ready when he grew up and became Santa Claus. Oh, I miss those days. Enjoy your Santa Pirate!!

  4. hello.. I like your writing style.. FYI you have been added to the list for the blogger rookie of the year.
    You might want to blog about it to get more votes to win the contest. Cheers

  5. I love Snags. He’s such a dude. And way to go on the above comment. I have to go vote. 😀

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