The One With the Numbers

So 2007 comes to a close.  How did it stack up?

617 the number of miles I ran
3 the number of half marathons I completed
2 the number of pairs of new running shoes I purchased
4 the number of Tiffany items I received this year
31 the number of books I read
8 the number of book cases bought and assembled to create a “library”
200 the number of Christmas tree decorations I just put away
2 the number of teeth Snags lost
1 the number of toes my husband almost cut off with the lawnmower
550 the approximate number of bedtime stories read to Snags
6,018 the number of Star Wars LEGO pieces assembled in this house
6,018 the number of Star Wars LEGO pieces taken apart moments after assembly
96 the number of posts on this blog
644 the number of comments in response to the posts on this blog
11,723 the total number of views or hits to this blog

It was a good year.  Well, maybe except for the LEGOs… and the thing with the toe…

How will 2008 compare?  May it be the best year yet for us and for all of you.

Happy New Year!



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4 responses to “The One With the Numbers

  1. I’m still up on the number of Tiffany items you received… Were they ALL for running? Because, if so, I really need to get in on that in 2008…

    Happy New Year! 🙂

  2. love this. 🙂 so glad that I will be a part of your 2008…well, not really a part of it…but I will enjoy reading all about your 2008. 🙂
    Happy New Year Belle!

  3. LOL, no Marlee, they weren’t all for running. I’d have run double the miles if they were.

  4. Happy New Year, comrade!

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