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Because I’ve Got Nothing Else

It’s been a bad couple of weeks.  Our household has been plagued with strep, then pneumonia, then nasty head colds, and bad tempers.  The roads outside are covered in ice.  There are accidents everywhere, roads are closed, but work is still open (lace up the skates?).  Schools start late today, but the powers that be may change their minds and close them altogether.

I think Snags is turning into the bad seed.  I am going to download Aretha Franklin’s song Respect off of iTunes and play it on a loop while he sleeps.  Subliminal messages.  I hope it works.

In need of something humorous to lift my spirits I took a look at the google searches that have lead people here.  My most recent visitors came looking for answers to the following:

what does wendy wear from peter pan 
what kind of hat goes with pajamas 
niece in latin 
loose tooth new tooth behind 
sled building science project 
how to address an overdue account envelope 
blistex crack 
invitation rsvp alternative 
jon and kate plus eight payment

And since I’m in a helpful kind of mood I will try to answer.

Wendy wears a blue dress. Like the devil.

Read Clement Clark Moore’s ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas and you’ll know, women wear a ‘kerchief, men, a cap.

I don’t speak Latin, sorry.

Don’t worry, the loose tooth will eventually fall out and the new tooth will move in to take it’s place.

Two words: Robotic Wolves

Add the overdue account envelope to the place or company that you owe the money to.  You know, so it gets there.

I agree, blistex is crack.  If you’re addicted, seek help.  I suggest Burt’s Beeswax as your methadone while you wean.

There is no such thing as an RSVP alternative.  Pick up the phone and RSVP already.  It’s the correct thing to do.

Do jon and kate owe YOU money?  Or do you owe them money?  If it’s the latter, see my answer to “how to address an overdue account envelope”.



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