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Top Ten Reasons I Failed to Feed the Parking Meter











Okay, fine.  I don’t have ten reasons. 

And, it appears, I don’t have ANY reasons at all for failing to pay the parking meter.

The truth is, I plain forgot.  I was going to get my hair cut.  I parked my car.  I got out of my car, and walked away.  No, I don’t know what I was thinking. I may have lost my head.  Perhaps I left it in the back seat of the car? If it weren’t for the fact that nobody looked or acted in anyway alarmed when I entered the hair salon, I might have bought that excuse myself.  As it was, not one single person screamed “Oh. My. God!  That woman is missing her head! You can’t cut hair on a headless woman!”

It was only AFTER I got my hair cut (and highlighted!), as I was walking back toward my car that I thought about the meter at all. “Hmmm… I wonder how much time I’ve got left on the parking meter?”

And that’s when it hit me.  I didn’t have ANY time left on the meter, because I hadn’t bought any time.

I started to walk faster, hoping to get a glimpse of my windshield, hoping against hope that it would be clear, that I wouldn’t have received a parking ticket.  But luck was not on my side.

The cost of a good hair cut and highlights?  Priceless.

The cost of forgetting to feed the parking meter? $23.00 dollars my friends. $23.00.



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