My name is bellevelma.  This is my site.  You can call me Belle; you can call me Velma; or you can combine the two into one and call me bellevelma.  I’ll answer to any of the three.

I was a closet blogger.  I’d been writing for years, but everything had been stored on my hard drive and apart from a few friends and relatives, my writings were  unseen by human eyes.  But as the Barenaked Ladies (a favorite of mine, BTW) say, “…If I hide myself wherever I go am I ever really there?”  So I decided to haul myself and my stuff out of the hard drive and put it up here, to share with whomever’s interested.

I’m married.  I have a child. I’ll probably have to lot to say about him.  He’s pretty entertaining.

I have a dog.  She has bladder problems which, I suppose, is another way of saying she pees on the floor.  She’s 12 years old so that’s what, nearly dead in dog years?  I don’t know, you do the math.  I love her, but the bladder thing is really getting old.

I’m a runner.  I’m not fast.  I know the truth.  I won’t be winning any races, so I don’t try all that hard.  I used to enter lots of local 5Ks but I stopped because I couldn’t take the pressure to not be last.  I came pretty close to being last in 2 local races and that was enough for me.  So I moved on to races of considerable length with thousands of participants where I can place, if not in the middle, then at least in the final 1/3 of the field.  I feel better knowing I beat at least 10,000 other people in a field of 30,000. 

I like to read.  You’ll rarely find me without a book in hand.  My dream job would be a librarian or to work in a bookstore, but I doubt they pay as much as what I currently earn.  Maybe when I retire from my real life I’ll take up shop in a bookstore.

I don’t drink coffee because I don’t like the taste.  Not even the fancy flavored ones; I’ve tried them all and still don’t like them.  I don’t smoke.  I don’t take drugs unless they are presrcibed for me or I can buy them over the counter and I actually need them for something.  I think Adam Ant wrote a song about me once…

Finally, I live in one of the Mid-Atlantic states.


19 responses to “About

  1. ” . . . must be somethin’ inside.”

  2. bellevelma

    Wow! A reader! And not only that, a reader who gets obscure references. Unfortunately, I’ve got no prize for that. I did however, list you on my blogroll. You probably already knew that.

  3. Librarian… I’m a librarian, it’s a good gig. Not a very high paying gig, but a good steady gig with job security, good benefits, and a pension. That said, as a public librarian I deal with all kinds of stuff you probably wouldn’t believe, and most likely wouldn’t want to deal with… Welcome to WordPress!

  4. Thanks, Woeful. That’s good stuff to know. I saw your post about folks who complain when they owe small fees. That alone would bother me.

  5. Hi Lance! Another Ant fan? I can tell you what I don’t do: I don’t take pictures anywhere near as fantastic as yours. In fact, if you click on the side of my page where it says flickr pics you can my attempts hardly qualify as photos at all. Anyway, yours are very nice!

  6. Goody two, goody two, goody goody two shoes…

  7. Gunfighter – you should try out for that new NBC show The Singing Bee. You’ve got part of the chorus…

  8. KLW

    I am pretty new to blog-land and randomly came across your site. I, too, am a ploddingly slow runner and long-time closeted writer with a secret desire to be a librarian. It’s nice to know that there are others like me out there. 🙂

    I’ll be back for more entertainment.

  9. Hi, KLW! I’m glad you stopped by. Please come back often!

  10. “subtle innuendos follow . . . ” Just thought you might like to know, bellevelma, more than a month after my first contact to you here, this page referred me 10 new pageviews, just today at Very Short Novels. Not bad for a simple comment link, eh? Thanks again for your support.

  11. Well, hey there davidbdale! That’s great news and you’re welcome. I was thinking just the other day how you write short novels in what 299 words? Anne Lamott urges writers to write a minimum of 300 words per day. I’ve done counts on my work and I easily top that with not a lot to say (as I’m doing here). So you’ve got it down to a science and I hope more folks enjoy your stories!

  12. A librarian as a dream job? You don’t smoke? You love dogs? My God, the more I read you, the more I see myself in you.

    Do you want to know my dream? I want to have my own library in my house. No, not that small library with tiny collections. I want it HUGE. So huge you’d build a house inside, because you don’t want to leave the library. 🙂

  13. Hi, I like your site. I’m a huge reader as well. Your comment about not making enough as a librarian cracked me up. I live in a mid-Atlantic state, also. Nice to meet you. Mamablogga brought me here.

  14. Hi; I found you through Marlee’s Rant. She’s a funny girl and so are you! I’d never heard of WordPress but am now going to have to check it out.

  15. Hi Jennifer, Thanks for visiting! I’m enjoying Marlee’s Rant as well. I visited your site and like your style.

  16. Lina

    Hi, I just came across your blog and I love it. I own a bookstore, and I must say I love working for myself and with books everyday. Best of both worlds since I get to boss people around on my bad days, muahahaha. 🙂

    Come visit me sometime at http://threecitygals.wordpress.com/
    My 2 friends and I share a blog, which is kind of confusing at first I confess

  17. gee

    something in common……..

    i love books too 🙂

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