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Rocks and Cheese

I got a new computer at work.  It’s a laptop. Which is very convenient because a) I needed a new computer, and b) I can take it with me when I go places.

Apparently that’s not true of laptops, at least not mine.

The carrying case alone, even when completely empty, is heavy enough to suggest that it might be filled with rocks. Seriously, I had to double check when I picked it up to slip my laptop into it the first time.

It reminds me of a spring evening not too long ago when I put on one of my jackets to take a walk outside. The jacket felt like it weighed a ton. I mean, talk about carrying a load on your shoulders! It was so bothersome that I remarked to my husband that I didn’t remember the jacket feeling so heavy when I’d last worn it. It felt like there had to be something weighing it down. Maybe dumbbells, or cannonballs. And so I checked the pockets only to discover that they were filled with rocks! My son, as it turned out, had been collecting rocks back in the fall and had been saving them in the pockets of my jacket! The rocks had spent a nice warm couple of seasons my pockets, completely forgotten about.

Which reminds me that perhaps I ought to warn you about something else. If you pack your lunch and have a reusable lunch sack, take notice of what you pack and compare it to what you actually eat. Use a checklist perhaps:

Apple… check
Yogurt… check

If I’d thought to do that I might not have forgotten the chunk of cheese, the chunk of Applewood Smoked Gouda Cheese, specifically, that I’d packed for lunch one day last week, yet failed to eat. Forgotten about, in fact, until I opened my lunch sack to pack another lunch yesterday, more than a week later. I suppose that’s better than forgetting about it for an entire season. What, with summer approaching and all. But please, for your own sake, take my advice, and DON’T DO THAT! I’m not trying to make your life more difficult, or burden you with this suggestion. I’m not. I’m just trying to help. Really.


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