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Checking In

Knock, knock…
Who’s there?
Me! It’s me again. Can you believe it? I came back. For a visit. To my own blog. This will probably be a brief visit, but anyway…

Did my last post really say that Snags was starting 3rd grade? Because peoples, he has almost finished FOURTH grade. Where have I been? Not at my blog, obviously.

To sum up the missing year and a half: Snags is 10. He plays three instruments, all of them well. He plays the piano, the violin, and the oboe. He wants to play the trumpet too, but it looks like that will have to wait until I can convince the world to add another day to every week on the calendar. I propose we call it “Anotherday” and it should go somewhere in the middle of the week. Kids would go to school on Anotherday, but parents would have the day off from work to run all their errands without having to listen to complaining children demanding to know how many things are on the grocery list and do we REALLY have to stop at Target too, because a new episode of iCarly comes on in 20 minutes, Mom (but if we are stopping at Target, can we look in the Lego aisle?). Anotherday will help free up our weekends a bit, don’t you think?

In the absence of Anotherday, we are keeping our current schedule that does not include trumpet lessons but does include going to school, doing homework, watching Nickoloden re-runs (by the way I HATE Big Time Rush only a little less than I hate that show with that high-pitched whiny kid Fred), music lessons, and Tae Kwan Do (only two belts away from Black belt which means the kid could kick my ass and hard if he tried). And, thanks to The Hunger Games series of books and the movie, Snags is getting ready to start a six week course in archery.

Yes, I do sometimes question the wisdom of teaching a child how to kick the crap out of you and backing that up with weapons training. But really, once you let a child walk on their own and you teach them how to read and tell time, life as you know it is over, so hey, might as well go all out.

And, that’s about it. For today anyway…


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