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Ingenious Rose has bestowed upon me The Inspirational Blogger Award (see it over there on my sidebar?).  According to the Writer’s Reviews, it’s an award that is given to those who, among other things, “inspire through their words and actions.”  I’m not sure about my words, but if Ingenious Rose was thinking of my actions, like my running, as inspirational, then she and you should know that while it’s true I ran 12 miles last Sunday, and another 9 miles just yesterday, I very nearly did nothing at all on all the days in between.  I did take a 15 mile bike ride one evening, I think it was Wednesday, but it was only on a stationary bike.  So when I was finished I was still in my basement, having actually gone nowhere at all.

That’s convenient, because I like to be home. One of my favorite authors, Anne Lamott, wrote about me writers in Bird by Bird “… you can get so much attention without having to actually show up somewhere.”  She said that “…writers, who tend to be shy, get to stay home and still be public.”  She goes on to explain that  “There are many obvious advantages to this.  You don’t have to dress up, for instance, and you can’t hear them boo you right away.” 

Of course, here in cyberspace you can hear them boo you right away, or very nearly right away.  But that’s sort of the trade off, isn’t it?  Be “published” immediately on a webpage, or stack all your writings up in your word processor and print them out and shop them around and around until someone thinks they’re worth binding and selling for you.

I’d like to do that, be published, have my books appear on the New York Time’s Best Seller List, or um, in Oprah’s Book Club, but I’m struggling with laziness and impatience at the same time.  And that, like the stationary bike, leaves me here, in my basement.  Someday in the future I might get a laptop for home, and then while I imagine I’ll still be too lazy to do all that’s required to publish a real book, at least I’ll be able to go somewhere.  Like upstairs.  Or outside.  I just hope I won’t have to dress up for it.

And I hope you won’t mind that I’m still in my basement and haven’t properly dressed to hand out the following awards:

The Creative Blogger Award to Mitra for her funny cartoons that always make me laugh.

The Courageous Blogger Award to Gunfighter at The View From Here for his position as a tactical firearms instructor and for teaching me that a knight’s suit of armor is not a good choice of a hiding place and probably won’t for protect me if someone pulls out a gun and starts shooting in a museum.

The Thoughtful Blogger Award to Jen at A Snowball’s Chance In… Even though she’s already been awarded one of these, she deserves another!  And another!  So maybe she can paste the second award below the first, or put a little “x2!” or add some hatch marks on her sidebar.   I’m also awarding her The Creative Blogger Award because not only does she post pictures at her site, she recently added her voice to her profile and since she’s in radio far way, those of us wondering what she sounds like don’t have to drive all the way down south just to find out. 

The Inspirational Blogger Award goes to Absolutely Bananas. She beat me to the punch on posting about dying fish, but she has inspired me to get myself a better body through Photoshop.  It sounds a lot easier than what I’ve been doing, running and all that…

Finally, I’m not sure if she’ll accept this or not, but The Creative Blogger Award to abarclay12 at The Leaky Brain.  I’m thinking of suing her to recoup the cost of the pain medicine I need because I seem to have cracked all of my ribs from falling off my chair laughing so hard while reading her site.  Check her out.



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9 responses to “More Breaking News

  1. Thanks, Belle!

    What a nice gesture. I’ll be on vacation next friday, but tune in anyway, because I have already filmed next week’s installment… I’ll post it from the beach!


  2. Ahh Belle I too hope to publish a book one day but like you I need to kind of well, write one.

    I’m working on a poetry book with my mate Napoleon Fantastic, but I have a book started that doesn’t seem to get much further.

    Congrats on the awards and I can’t wait to check out your choices.

    I already love Jen, and A Bananas, but the others sound fab.

  3. Dearest Jo,

    When oh when is your site coming back? I am reading you but Virb is, um… difficult. I wanted to tell you how beautiful your birthday post to E was, but I couldn’t over there and I don’t seem to have your email. Happy Birthday to E!

  4. Gunfighter, vacation? At the beach? Not fair! Have fun! I’ll look for Friday’s installment.

  5. “A better body through photoshop”… I LOVE that! Am totally going to use it as my mantra! Glad I could so inspire… 😉

  6. Wow, Belle, thanks for giving me an award! I feel all inspired now. I’m creative! Me! I’m a creative person! You’ve made my day! Thank you so much! I’m really touched!

  7. Ah Belle

    Thanks for reading me.

    I feel so lost up there.

    Ingenious told me virb is, you know…, as well.


    It could be any day when Mr Ashley, is done, but I don’t know which.

    I think when I get back on I may explode with joy, but that could get messy.

    Thanks you for wishing E Happy Birthday.

    It was an occasion.


  8. Jen

    Aw, thanks, Belle! I really am going to have to redesign my side bar now. I’m awash in awards, and it’s an honour getting them from you. I’m a secret writer. I have half finished novels hanging around here, just dying for the Opra touch.

    And Jo, we do miss you at your place. I’ve been reading you over at virb…sometimes it’s a little tough to get in.

  9. I totally accept my award! Thanks so much. I accept on behalf of myself.

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