The Assignment

The instructions were as follows:


Examples were provided:


I read the instructions and went over the examples with Snags.  We made a list of things he might want to include in his picture dictionary.  The list contained items like: penguins, turtles, our dog, Luke Skywalker, soccer.

Confident that Snags understood what he was supposed to do, I left him with pencils and crayons and scissors and glue and I turned to the stove to get dinner underway.

It wasn’t long before I heard Snags call, “I’m done!”

I went to check.

This is what I found:


It seems that instead of a picture dictionary, Snags had created a Movie Guide to Star Wars.

Yes, that is my handwriting above each character.  I wrote their names because:

a. the instructions said I could help

b. I didn’t feel like spelling each name out one letter at a time while Snags wrote them down, and

c. Dinner was still cooking on the stove

Here are some close-ups:






I don’t recall a scene in Star Wars where they eat cake.  Perhaps Jabba the Hutt served cake at one of his odd parties?  Or maybe cake just made it onto the page because Snags was doing this homework assignment on his birthday.

His teacher hasn’t seen it yet.  It’s due tomorrow.


Author’s note: This post would not have been possible without the help I recieved from the wonderful Jo at Jo Beaufoix. She told me how to insert photos into my post without breaking my sidebar.  Thanks, Jo!



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9 responses to “The Assignment

  1. I heart your family.

    and even star wars peeps can use some cake every now and then. 😉

  2. Jen

    I love the pictures of the Hutts. I want those on a greeting card. I’m a Star Wars geek and I love your child. He draws well for six! My kid’s four and still drawing stick people!

  3. Mrs. Weasley

    Excellent! I hope his teacher appreciates his hard work!!

  4. Jo Beaufoix

    Well worth the wait Belle. 😀
    And how cool are snags pictures?
    I bet his teacher will love it.
    And the cake is perfect.
    All superheros and fictional characters should be allowed cake.

    Hmmm, must have cake.

  5. wow…what a little artist you have. 🙂 seriously…better than me, and I’m like 33.

  6. What a creative little guy you have there! He must have been hungry doing all that drawing and had to throw in the cake for good measure. I don’t blame him, I would have done the same.

  7. Impressive! My kindergartener doesn’t draw at all like that. Although, if he were going to make a dictionary, it would include all the planets and all the stars that he knows. They’re pretty easy to draw.

  8. ingeniousrose

    Great post. Love the pictures and all the effort that went into drawing them. (I seem to remember teaching Jo Beaufoix all her blog technical knowledge!! Ask her about the time she wiped out her entire blog. It is all true!)

  9. Papa Lolo

    I love your posts. Keep up the good work!!!!
    Lololando carlessian(sp..)

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