As I was driving to work today there was a very nice looking Cadillac SUV in front of me.  It had a vanity plate that said 4 God.  And below that, on the plate’s frame, was this:

Everything I Have Is

And I thought, even your Cadillac?  Really?  How do you plan to get that pretty SUV up to God’s house in Heaven?  Are you driving it to him?  Right now?  Or is it already his and maybe he’s letting you borrow it, drive it around down here for while?


My husband and I have been married for 14 years now.  Our Wedding Anniversary was this past Tuesday.  On that very night I heard my son say to my husband, “I wish you and mom would get a divorce already!”  My husband was taken aback.  I heard him ask “Why? Why do you want us to get a divorce?” to which my son responded, “Because then I could marry mom!”  My husband assured him that even if he did come around and divorce me, that Snags still wouldn’t be allowed to marry his mother.  There are laws against that you know.


I was out on a long run recently when I came upon two men running toward me.  I caught just a snippet of their conversation but it was enough to make me turn around to get a second glance at the speaker.  He said to his friend, “Yeah, it’s dangerous, but I do it anyway.”  I wondered if he thought he came across as brave, because I thought he came across as stupid, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see his picture linked to a Darwin Award next year.  I am actually hoping to see this, so I can find out WHAT the dangerous thing he used to do was.


I cannot sew.  I’m not proud of that, but it’s true, and I don’t try to hide the fact.  That is why I buy my son’s Halloween costumes.  This year, as you might have guessed, he’s going to be Darth Vader.  There is a kid in our neighborhood who copies my son’s every move and ends up with the same costume every year. This irritates my son and me to no end, and this year, as expected, neighbor kid is dressing as Darth Vader.  But neighbor kid’s mom is oblivious and happy because she has a cardboard Darth Vader mask and has decided that she can dress her kid in black pants and black shirt, and voila, she’s made a Darth Vader costume.  My son heard her telling me about this and he said “You aren’t supposed to MAKE Halloween costumes!  You are supposed to BUY them!”  Neighbor kid’s mom was not happy about that comment.  I suspect she will be considerably unhappier when she sees Snags dressed in his store bought Darth Vader finest on the 31st. 



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7 responses to “Snippets

  1. Jen

    LOL, about the costumes. I can sew a little, but not much. I buy cheap costumes and then embellish. That way I don’t feel too guilty. And I’ve always wondered about those fancy cars that say “For God”. I see a lot of those down here.

  2. Aren’t you glad that your child thinks store bought is the way to go? Phew, what a relief! None of those guilt feelings about not sewing his costume. I never did either when mine were little. I borrowed or bought and it always turned out fine. When they got older, they made up their own costumes and I didn’t need to worry about it anymore. Now my daughter is going through it with my grandson. I don’t know what he wants to be for Halloween, I forgot to ask. Probably a sports hero. Or maybe he thinks he is already to big. He is nine years old, after all!

  3. Jo Beaufoix

    Love the snippets Belle.
    Can God even drive??

    And how cute is Snags?

    I made Miss E a costume last year for a school book day bit it took me till 4am in the morning.
    I won’t be doing it again.
    I like Jen’s buy cheap then embellish idea.

    Maybe next year maybe you should instruct Snags to spread the word around that he will spend Halloween as a squirrel or something, then he can ‘change his mind’ and be the only one of what he really wants to go as…

    Or am I being mean??

    Happy Anniversary for Tuesday. 🙂

  4. JO has some great ideas there… the “spread the costume idea around” idea. great……idea. How many times can I say IDEA? it appears 4.
    anyhow…I CAN sew….but I am such a darn pathetic internet addicted mother, I dont’ have time to sew a costume….yeah…I suck!

  5. Mrs. Weasley

    I love the snippets! My mother was a very good seamstress, but you know what did her in? My fourth grade Halloween costume. She made me a fantastic “old’fashioned dress” complete with hoopskirt and parasol, and never sewed again…I love to sew and was almost done in by a Halloween costume myself. It was for my daughter in third grade. I made her an exact replica of Felicity’s Christmas ball gown. I have sewn quite a bit since then, fortunately I am a bit more resilient than my mother, and now my daughter can sew her own things. I do like the idea of out-smarting the copycat next year!!! And, how sweet that Snags wants to marry you! Is there a better compliment in the world? Hold on to that the next time he says you aren’t as smart as dad because you aren’t as tall!

  6. childlife

    Sooo cute that he wants to marry mom! : )

  7. Bellevelma's Husband or Oepidus' Dad

    Cute that he wants to marry his mom? I think not! I believe there is some serious counseling potential in there…Oh, and I am going to tell Snags to tell the kid next door to that he’s going to be a pink fuzzy bunny next year.

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