The Boy Who Knew

If I am honest with myself, I have to admit that sometimes my child scares me.  There is something about him, something I can’t put my finger on, exactly, that isn’t right.  Or maybe it’s just that something is too right.  How I might be if instead of needing contact lenses, I got LASIK and ended up with something better than 20/20 vision.

Snags is pretty smart, that much I know.  His teacher tells me this, and his recent report card reflects it as well.

He uses big words.  Words you might not expect a kid in Kindergarten to know.

He’s good at math.  He can do simple addition and subtraction, even some basic multiplication.  I just about had a heart attack when he started talking about square roots the other day. I don’t remember much about math beyond plus, minus, multiply, and divide.  And mostly, I use a calculator for those.

And then there is the “other worldliness” about him.  How once, when he was three and we were on our way to preschool we passed an ambulance heading in the opposite direction, and Snags said “I am going to ride in an ambulance today!” I shuddered at the thought, and insisted that he wouldn’t be riding in an ambulance that day or anytime soon.  I might have said never.  But Snags insisted he would.  And hours later, he did.  His preschool called me to say he’d had an allergic reaction and they’d given him a shot of epinephrine and the ambulance was on its way.

Tuesday night Snags drew a picture of a tornado.  Wednesday morning I woke to the news that dozens of tornados had ripped through several states, tearing down homes and businesses and schools, and leaving people dead in its wake. 

I’m not saying Snags caused the tornado, but still, I think I’m taking all of his crayons away tonight…  after I make him draw me a picture of a winning MEGA MILLIONS lottery ticket, that is.



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6 responses to “The Boy Who Knew

  1. ARK

    Well, well, Snags might just be the answer the world needs. Makes me remember Sci-fis like X-men and Heroes. But seriously, if what you are saying is true, DO NOT try to suppress his gift. It is from God, and suppressing it will only make him feel like he is a freak, and latermaybe use his powers for the dark side. He may resent you for this. Encourage him. He could make a great meteorologist, warning people of typhoons and tsunamis,…..who knows?

  2. oh my…..that just gave me chills. Like BIG ones. oh my…..

    from reading your blog over the last several months…I really can say, that I believe your son is amazing. He has a wonderful foundation, and so much encouragement.

    well done.

  3. I think Snags is a pretty amazing little kid and I think some kids are more amazing than others. I had a son whom I thought was like Snags, who had that other world quality. Even as he grew older, he himself felt that he was different than his peers, but not in a negative way, more as if he was in some special way connected to the universe at large and felt as if he was destined for something bigger. It is hard to explain.

    He died at the age of 29 from cancer and I believe he is now part of that large universe that he was already part of before, when he was growing up. If there is such a thing as an angel or a spirit, then I think my son is one now.

  4. Wow, this post gave me chills too, but in an ok way. I think Snags has something. I also think he has an amazing family who will help him to grow with it and cope with whatever it turns out to be, whether intuition, or something more. It’s kind f spooky too though.
    And Irene’s comment made me cry. That must have been such a hard thing to go through.

  5. Could you put in a good word for me. I would like him to draw a redhead with a better job… and a car if that’s not too much to ask.

  6. Snacks once asked, “Is Grandma Eleanor going to die tomorrow?” And she DID! How’s THAT for freaky??

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